this blog isn't just another cat blog. ;-)
We try to post cat pictures of high quality which focus on typical cat poses, behavior and body language of cats. The pictures are tagged in that way too. So for example you'll easy find a yawning cat or a running cat if you are looking for these conducts.
In addition to the cat pictures there will be many free cat themed printables you can download and use for personal purposes.

I love to create and share free printables. My main blog is a MeinLilaPark where I'm sharing printables and digital graphics with creative people.
FreeCatImages is a branch blog of the other successful blog. This cat blog specialized on cat themed creations ad pictures.

Have fun!


  1. Hello! Thank you for providing these wonderful cat printables. I create and send cards to cancer patients ... the patient I'm currently sending cards to as she goes through chemo therapy is a cat lover. Your designs will be so helpful in making cards of encouragement for her. Bless you for helping me to bring sunshine into her day.

  2. Thank you for these images! I am making a slideshow to comfort individuals who have lost their pet cats in the past year and honor their cats who have passed.. I am very grateful to you for generously making these cut outs available! I am using just a few of them but They were just what I needed! Thank you again so very much!