Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Free printable monthly cat calendar cards with the cutest cat illustrations + planner inserts

I downloaded the eps-file of this free printable monthly cat calendar cards from here. and made a printable out of it. The source allows this, if you link to it and give credit to them with a designed by freepik. So that's done. :-)  The kitties are drawn in kawaii style and the faces are just adorable. Also the pets have a shape you easily could cut out.

The font has changed with the import in my graphic program. Now it's not perfect but a sweet printable anyway. If I can fix the problem I will exchange the template in this post.

It's never to late in the year for a beautiful calendar. The single mini months can be used for a planner, for your office desk, and for cute diy gifts. Or make cute bookmarks out of each cat.

Click here to get the pdf of the planner cards printable. 

The drawings are so cute that I will make a sticker sheet out of them without the numbers and letters.

Click here for the pdf file of the printable planner inserts.

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